ST07 Gasket Kit

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ATTENTION: Stratus Tool Technologies ST07 Lower Gasket (contained within ST07 KIT and ST29 KIT) is approved as an Alternative Means of Compliance (AMOC) to FAA AD 2022-04-04.

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Stratus Tool Technologies ST07 is a multi-layer gasket designed to combine the enhanced anti-leak characteristics of the FM07 fiber gasket with the resiliency and resistance to sudden rupture of the AN900-28 copper crush washer. The outer facings of this new gasket are comprised of an expanded PTFE matrix that provides better conformance to sealing surface imperfections. The perforated stainless steel core is embedded within the ePTFE to enhance stability and increase blowout resistance. Laboratory and flight testing have confirmed that this new gasket eliminates the nuisance oil leaks some operators have experienced when replacing FM07 fiber gaskets with AN900-28 copper crush washers in compliance with AD 2002-04-04 and Stratus Tool Technologies SB-001 Rev. B.

AMOC for AD 2022-0404

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