Tempest Technical Publications

Tech Tips

Alaska Cold Starts
Changing Spark Plugs
Checking Your Spark Plug's Resistance
Lead Fouling Written By: AeroShell Aviation
Light My Fire
Oil Filter Magnets
Oil Filter ADB Valves

Maintenance and Service Manuals

Spark Plug Maintenance Manual (Contact Tempest for a  Manual)
AT5K Spark Plug Resistance Tester Instructions
Spark Plug Cleaning the Right Way

Dry Air Pump Installation and Operators Manual

C6LC-1115 installation Instructions
C6LC-L Installation Instructions
C6LC-S Installation Instructions
C6SC Installation Instructions
CO-300 Installation Instructions
TAF-L Installation Instructions

AP8-100 Caravan STC Kit
PMA Supplements

Warranty Information
Warranty and Return Policy
Service Letters
SL-001 Shear Coupling Service Life
SL-002 LRT & Mounting Gasket Installation
SL-003 Vacuum Pump TBO - New Pumps
SL-003-1 Vacuum Pump TBO - Overhauled Pumps
SL-004 Superseded by SB-008
SL-004-1 Superseded by SB-008
SL-005 Side Wear Indicator Port Instructions
SL-006 Superseded by SB-007
SL-007 Rev B Inspection and Replacement Intervals - Overhauled Check & Manifold Valves
SL-008 Mandatory Replacement of Pumps Due to Engine Stoppage
SL-009 Air Filter TBO Replacement

Service Bulletins
SB-001 Fuel Pump Replacement
SB-002 HP Fuel Pump Replacement
SB-003 Vacuum Pump Replacement
SB-005 Spark Plug Information
SB-006 Remote Oil Filter
SB-007 Vacuum Manifold Inspection Procedure
SB-008 Rear Port Wear Indicator Instructions
SB-009 Possible Loose Contact Button
SB-010 Diaphragm Fuel Pump Lever Damage

Service Information Letters
SI-002 Fitting Installation for Dry Air Pumps
SI-003 Gasket 82-50130-B vs. 82-50130
SI-004 Identifying Tempest/Aero Accessories OH Dry Air Pumps
SIL-17-03 Continential Motors Aircraft Engine - Oil Filter, Anti Stick Gasket